Friday, December 9, 2022

Funding boost for two Thurrock energy projects

TWO energy projects in Thurrock have been named on a list of schemes to secure government funding guarantees.

The Gateway Energy Centre in Corringham, is a 900-megawatt gas-fired power station which would generate enough electricity for one million homes.

The Tilbury Green Power project would see the creation of a 60-megawatt wood-fired power generation plant at the Port of Tilbury Docks.

More than half of the schemes backed by the Treasury today are energy projects.

In total, 15 proposals worth about £17 billion have “pre-qualified” for government guarantees.

The announcement by Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander follows yesterday’s news that a deal had been made between the government and EDF Energy over the Hinkley C nuclear power plant in Somerset.


  1. Admirable I’m sure, but why shut Tilbury Power Station.
    Is the new Thames Crossing coming through there I wonder!

  2. The so called Wood fired power station at Tilbury Docks is slap bang next to Grays Beach Park and despite its green credentials is nothing more than a waste incinerator. Planning permission was rubber stamped with no opposition.

    And interesting there was no public outcry when the Labour controlled Thurrock Council sold off a chunk of the park?

    I believe the gas for the Corringham station will come via Canvey? I recall plans being rubber stamped 3 or 4 years ago for the pipelines from Canvey.


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