Sunday, September 24, 2023

Doyle-Price welcomes immigration bill

SPEAKING in the House of Commons, Jackie Doyle-Price welcomed the immigration bill which obtained its second reading last week.

The bill intends to tackle illegal immigration and overstaying on the part of people who come in on visitor and student visas.

The bill will restrict the right of migrants with no legal right to be here to access NHS services, bank accounts, driving licences and housing. The Bill also toughens penalties against those who employ illegal immigrants.

Jackie said: “I welcome this bill.The public have come to believe that there is an open door immigration policy. We are determined to take action to secure our borders and ensure that we get immigration under control. This bill will ensure that those with no right to be here have no access to health services, no access to housing, will not be able to drive and will have no access to credit.

“Immigration is positive when it is within the law and within immigration rules, but I have seen too may cases where people find a way of getting here outside the law and abuse our hospitality. That breeds resentment against our law-abiding migrant communities and we owe it to them as much as anyone else to tackle illegal immigration.”

Jackie Doyle-Price has now been appointed to the committee which will examine the legislation in detail.

Jackie said, “I am pleased to have been appointed to the committee to consider this bill in detail.

Notwithstanding the claims of the Labour Party, there is nothing racist in this bill-indeed it enacts measures which most people would think should be in place already. Taken tougher these measures will substantially improve the ability of this Government to control immigration.”


  1. This is a step in the right direction but more needs to be done to tackle immigration.

    There are far too many people here with an agenda which is different to the majority of those born here or lived here for years and years.

    We also have a major integration problem here where people think it is acceptable to come from teh third world and recreate their homelands in the UK, and authorities seem to bend over backwards to accomodate this stance…which, in my opinion, is wrong.

    Hopefully this bill is the beginning of much tougher measures however I fear that the EU will make sure Britain remains open for all.


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