Monday, December 5, 2022

Polly backs Thurrock Living Wage campaign

THIS week is living wage week and in line with the rising energy bills and cost of living, Labour politicians have continued to back a living wage in Thurrock of £7.65.

Ed Milliband has also pledged to give a £1000 tax break to every business who pays their staff a living wage.

Prospective parliamentary candidate for Thurrock, Polly Billington said:

“IT is good news that Thurrock has a team of community volunteers organising employers around the issue of the living wage.
Thurrock Labour council have been fighting hard to make sure they pay a living wage and it is top priority within the Labour Party.

“The cost of living is going up but wages have stagnated. £7.65 an hour is the amount calculated by an independent body that people in Thurrock need to be paid to make sure their families have a minimum standard of living and I am fully behind that.

“The Labour Party will make the living wage a reality by offering tax breaks to businesses who adopt it. This means we can ensure businesses can reap the benefits of greater productivity and staff loyalty. Thurrock and our businesses mustn’t miss out on the productivity bonus that the living wage will

“I urge Thurrock businesses to engage with the living wage campaign so that we can work out the best way we can adopt it in our

An organisation called Thurrock Living Wage has also written to local employers.

Thurrock living wage founder and teacher Jim O’Connell said:

The people of Thurrock need to be paid a living wage. £7.65 is the amount that the Living Wage Foundation has calculated that people in this area need to be paid to have enough money for a decent standard of living. Were not talking about posh holidays or flash cars, this is to make sure Thurrock people can heat their family homes without making cuts to other necessities, like food or fuel. We are working in thurrock to encourage employers to meet with us and talk through the benefits of paying their staff a little extra every hour.

This is not only the right thing to do ethically, it makes good business sense too. The Living Wage foundation found that two thirds of employers who already pay a living wage, reported a significant impact on recruitment and retention within their organisation. 70% of employers felt that the Living Wage had increased consumer awareness of their organisation’s commitment to be an ethical employer.


  1. Why then is Labour controlled Thurrock council not an accredited Living Wage employer then, eh, eh? Where are Unison and GMB when you need a bit of muscle to help the low paid at Thurrock Council and in retail at Lakeside.

  2. The Labour party created an economic situation in this country that fosters the worst kind of behaviour from employers paying low wages and giving people zero hours contracts etc. They then bleat about it after it was their party that introduced the minimum wage legislation. They are totally responsible for the situation low paid employee’s find themselves in.

    They use taxpayers money in the form of benefits to shore up their failed social and economic policies which has seen the benefits bill balloon out of control in this country. They are terrified of unioversal credit, even though they have said they will continue with it if they get in power, becasue they know it will show exactrly where all the money goes.

    Now they want businesses, whom they have attacked relentlessly for 3 years, to do what they want.

    They’ve kicked the working class of this country in the teeth but want them to believe it’s all the Tories fault.

    This is just another gimmick from a party that is terrified of the outcome of economic growth on their prospects of getting anywhere near winning a general election. They crowed about no growth. Now the economy is growing they talk about anything but.

    Do they seriously believe that they are going to get any backing from any business sector before the next general election after attacking them for 3 years. That on top of what they did to the economy and country the last time they were put in power.

  3. I, and a lot of other people are getting thoroughly fed up with hearing this old blame culture. Labour’s fault for everything thats wrong in this country?
    I don’t think so!

  4. Neither supporters, activists or MP’s on the left like hearing the truth. That’s why they suffer from selective amnesia and choose to live in a parallel universe.

  5. For your information NoVoice, I am neither a supporter, activist or an MP.
    But I still get so fed up with the easy answer “its all the previous governments fault”
    Just fix it!

  6. I hardly think offering people an extra £1.30 an hour above the minimum requirement employers should be adhering to is going to solve the problem of low living standards. A Labour shadow minister was on the TV a few days ago boasting about this measure saving money on the benefits bill. So every extra £1.30 earned will be lost to the individual in benefits. Then to cap it off, the Labour party will hand that saving to the companies they want to sign up to this scheme. So once again we have state subsidised employment as we do with the tax credits benefits people receive.

    It’s almost as though the party of the working man doesn’t understand what creates poverty because every time they open their mouth’s about solving it, they take another shovel full of dirt out of the hole they have dug for the working man. Many more policies like this and they’ll be able to bury the working man completely in a life of state dependence and poverty standards of living.

    What happens when the government has no more money to subsidise private sector jobs?

  7. Someone needs to give this clown a history lesson.

    Labour spent a decade finding ways of susidising their ideas, many of which failed. A ‘living wage’, which has been calculated by a group of socialists whom have never had to budget for anything, will not work and will also ultimately fail.

    There was a time in the not to distant past when working people were paid a decent wage for which they were able to live off, maybe not particularly comfortably, but which enabled you to pay for the essentials but Pollys party (and the EU) decided to wreck that and throw open the gates of Great Britain to 3.9 million immigrants. This has caused the obvious shrinkage in wages, increase in rents and greater unneeded competition in the manual jobs market.

    Without a severe rebalancing of the economy and population we are simply edging closer and closer to economic ruin. Just the pensions that will be payable to an ever growing population will bankrupt us.

    I think it’s time Polly and Labour stop talking about wages, the economy, welfare cuts etc as they are completely unqualified to do so…they should stick to what they really care about…seeking more of the third world to live in Britain and the continued expansion of the new British non working ‘working class’.

  8. Why is it that some people can’t grasp the issue. Why is it that some people see the import of poverty as a good thing?

    Some estimates put this country’s unfunded liabilities, i.e. future liabilities at £9 trillion pounds. Our current deficit is about £ 1.2 trillion. What is it about that that people don’t understand. The left need to understand the money tree is dead. They are effectively saying to every unborn child in this country, I don’t care I’ll be dead and you’ll have to pay for it. It’s a price worth paying for power. Power at any cost.

    The failure of the Labour party is there for all to see. Unfortunately the Tories are continuing the legacy, allbeit to a far lesser and less intentionally damaging extent. January onwards will be an eye opener to all.

    The working class are a long forgotten relic of the Labour party’s past. Miniorities and victims are now the new left wing vogue. Sorry working class chavs, you’re just not trendy any more.

  9. Former foreign secretary Jack Straw admits Labour was wrong on immigration. Another one comes clean. Tell that to those on low pay, zero hours contracts and the 35% of under 25’s that are now unemployed. Well done the left, Fantastic success story.

  10. Beinjg part of the EU. Big business wanting the supply of cheap Labour to continue. A visa scheme that became out of control under the last Labour government as they scoured the world, Mandelson’s words not mine, for immigrants. What amazes me is that the left supported a policy of mass immgration knowing full well it was their core vote that was going to be harmed the most. They didn’t care though because they knew they were going to be replacing their core vote at the same time. That was the working class’s punishment for voting for Thatcher and keeping Labour out of power for 18 years. They couldn’t be having that again so let’s replace them with some new poor people that will vote Labour.


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