Monday, March 4, 2024

Blogpost: Deelight is no style icon


By Dee-light

NOW, I’m no style icon, but I am often complimented on my outfits. Sometimes, the focus is on a particular piece of clothing or it might be a particular colour that I’m wearing. Of course I’m pleased that my effort to look good has been acknowledged.
However, I began to realise that certain items of clothing were without fail drawing attention more than others. When I gathered these items together, I found, to my surprise, that they were purchased from the supermarket.

While my department store fashions barely draw an adjective, to me they are more stylish than my supermarket buys. The price tag says so. So, in a superficial analysis of my grocery store styles I looked to see what they had in common. The answer? Bold colours, strong designs. For the most part, I had chosen pieces from the Moda, George, and Barbara Hulanicki ranges at ASDA; Tu at Sainsburys and Tesco’s Florence and Fred.

These were bought in-store and not on the website where an extended ranges are available. What’s more, I bought them as carefully as I buy their upmarket cousins: knowing that I would enjoy wearing them for more than just one season! Not that I actually expected them to have a shelf life higher than the cheap ‘n’ cheerful price tag. In fact, thanks to careful attention paid to the ‘care of’ instructions, they are still wearable after three or four years with shape and colour intact. Fashion aside, I’ve chosen clothes of a style, colour and shape that suit me. The only reason that they still fit even I’ve put on weight is that I believe that they were cut a little on the large side in the first place!

Yes, I know that supermarket brands have been giving their high street cousins a good run for their money for a while now, but in my collection they have beaten them hands down!

Dee Lightful.



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