Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Council promise free parking permits for residents close to South Ockendon

PEOPLE living close to the railway station on the Flowers Estate in South Ockendon will be receiving free parking permits for up two to vehicles by the end of this year says Thurrock Council.

A lengthy process – including two inconclusive consultations and an equally inconclusive public meeting – showed that people living in one part of the estate were keen on the permits, while others were not.

Portfolio holder Cllr Angie Gaywood said: “We said we would organise the free parking permits in this financial year and we will. The issue has been that some people living a little further from the railway station weren’t keen on the plan.

“The first consultation was general, but the second, following the public meeting, was more detailed and we were able to break down which roads wanted the permits and which didn’t.

“This doesn’t mean we can’t expand the area for resident permits later if people let us know they want it, but things can’t happen at the snap of my fingers.”

She added: “The council has to consult properly and then it has to follow all the necessary legal processes like issuing official notices and putting the correct signs in place so illegal parking can be enforced – otherwise there’s no point in doing it at all.”

The council’s two current resident parking permit areas – Grays and Stanford-le-Hope – have been made free for the first two vehicles and the first book of visitor permits.

The Flowers Estate scheme will be in place soon and similar new schemes will follow. In Badgers Dene, Grays, the council is working with residents to find a system that will satisfy residents, a consultation on expanding the Stanford permit area is going on at the moment and closes on 22 November, and plans are being put together to consult for another permit scheme around Tilbury station.


  1. This is an entirely predictable and cynical move by Thurrock council. There wasn’t a huge problem with people parking in the Closes until the Council did away with a couple of dozen parking spaces by putting in the ridiculous and dangerous traffic islands along Tamarisk road. They then spent years trying to get the residents to fork out for the privilege of parking outside their own homes and were roundly rejected each time.

    Now, they will install a residents parking scheme along a few Closes by the station, forcing people to park in the Closes where residents currently don’t have much of a parking problem. This is entirely on purpose on the Council’s part. The letter I received, promising free parking, once again had the caveat that the free parking would be reviewed on a yearly basis. So, once the rest of the estate gets inundated with cars to the extent that it agrees to the parking scheme, a fee will be introduced. It’s what they have always wanted.

    Thurrock council caused the problem on purpose to force people to pay for parking, thus swelling their coffers a bit more. At least they have dropped the ‘If you continue to vote Labour, parking will stay free’ line.

  2. I wonder if Cllr Keily will be helping to hand them out or whether he’ll just continue to get paid for doing nothing?


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