Crime councillor angry over Ockendon councillors’ “Lies”

CLLR Angie Gaywood, Labour’s Thurrock Council’s Cabinet member for parking enforcement, has reacted angrily to allegations she has been dragging her feet over a resident parking scheme in South Ockendon.

She says: “Thurrock Council agreed that resident parking permit schemes would be introduced on the Flowers Estate at February’s council meeting where the budget was discussed, having already agreed that the first two permits should be free.

“When I say the council agreed, I should say Labour members voted for, because nobody else – including Conservative councillors Barry Johnson and Lynn Carr supported our proposals.

“While it is always disappointing when decisions taken in February still aren’t in place come November you have to remember that our attempts to bring this about earlier have been foiled by some who claimed the permits may be free now, but charge next year. Frankly, we could have moved more quickly had Ockendon Conservatives supported the scheme rather than obstruct it.

“This is nothing but lies. I promise, hand on heart, that while I’m the cabinet member and while this Labour administration is in control of Thurrock Council we will not charge for the first two car permits and not for the first visitor permit book either.

“Of course I can’t say what will happen ten years down the line or even if there is a different party in control of the council next year, but this Labour administration will not charge.”

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