Four-year election cycles could help end civil war say Thurrock Tories

THURROCK’S Conservative leader has backed proposals agreed at cabinet this week to look at moving Thurrock Council to a four-yearly electoral cycle, rather than the current rolling annual elections.

The suggestion came from an independent ‘peer review’ in December 2011, which stated that: …“many people referenced the uncertainty of the annual election cycle and the peer team ask Thurrock Council to consider whether a four year election cycle would help.”

Conservative Leader Cllr Phil Anderson said: “Politicians on all sides are concerned about the sometimes excessively confrontational nature of Thurrock politics, and annual elections certainly don’t help. With control of the council effectively up for grabs every year, we are in almost permanent election mode and that can hinder politicians from making long-term decisions in the interest of the borough.

“I accept that in other areas of the country where one party dominates it might help to keep democracy fresh, but in Thurrock we already have strong oppositions and our problems are more about political instability than lack of scrutiny.

We also know that fewer elections would save money, and at the moment I would rather be spending that money on protecting local services. The Conservatives will participate fully and positively in this review. I am sure that there will be pros and cons either way, but if we are serious about raising the reputation of politics locally then I think we have to consider it.”

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