Friday, December 2, 2022

Dr Bike visits Woodside Academy

WOODSIDE Academy in Grangewood Avenue had a visit from “Dr Bike”. This is the latest initiative from Sustrans to get Thurrock children cycling to school.

Thurrock Bike It officer Tim Warin came to the school with Thurrock Re Use Project (TRUP) bike mechanics Mike Lara and Chaz Holt and spent the day working with the school Bike It crew fixing bikes and making them safe.

They found plenty wrong with bikes but nothing they were unable to fix.

Earlier this term Woodside won the Thurrock Bike It challenge and in order to keep his promise of cycling a mile for every child’s bike or scooter journey Tim had to cycle to Brighton and back twice. On her own initiative last week a Woodside pupil raised over £50 with a sponsored bike ride to add to the academy’s £750 for Children in Need raised by a cake sale.

While the council is using its camera car PIPA to make sure parents park legally Woodside is working hard to encourage children to cycle so that parents can leave their cars at home.

Woodside Principal Edward Caines said “The team did a magnificent job and we now have a shed full of newly serviced bikes. After the Olympics we wanted to add some different sports clubs to our already long list of extra-curricular activities and cycling has been very popular.” Sustrans Bike It Officer Tim Warin said “Woodside is going above and beyond to promote cycling and this shows by the enormous amount of young people travelling to school by bike. Their numerous clubs and activities are all great fun and really effective.”

woodbikeWoodside children now learn about the history of cycles and how they work as part of the curriculum and besides the council run Bikeability there are three regular cycling club sessions each week, often including the new sport of cycle polo. The check-ups and repairs today were all free to parents and should enable more children to cycle to school and join in the activities.


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