Labour childcare pledge will help Thurrock families budget says Polly.


LABOUR candidate Polly Billington has pledged to increase free childcare places should Labour gain power in 2015.

Ms Billington said:

“The cost of nursery places has risen by 30% while wages remain the same. Labour will increase free childcare places from 15 hours for 3 – 4 year olds to 25 hours a week, and pledge to introduce wrap around care for primary pupils from 8am – 6pm.

“When I speak to my friends and neighbours in Thurrock, who have young families and are really feeling the strain on their family budgets, they say that 10 more hours of free childcare and 8am – 6pm wraparound primary school care would make a big difference to their day to day choices, and would certainly encourage mums who can’t afford to go back to work, to start earning again.

Polly has also spoken to a number of mothers in the borough.

Jane from Purfleet said “Twenty five hours free childcare a week will make a huge difference in helping my family budget, as the rising cost of living makes it harder and harder to pay the bills.

“Especially hard is paying the massive cost of childcare so I can continue working and supporting my family. I’m really glad Polly is standing up for families in Thurrock like mine who are finding it tough as costs for just the basic necessities keep going up.

“Twenty five hours free childcare will have a big impact on improving my family finances and support me to carry on working”.

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