Tuesday, June 18, 2024

10,000 comments made on YourThurrock!

commentsCONGRATULATIONS to Blackshots53 who made comment number 10,000 on YourThurrock on Tuesday afternoon!

First prize is a night out with NoVoice in Bulgaria….second prize is two nights…..

We would like to thank all those who take time to comment on our news items.

You may not know who Ed, Bernard87, Lambo, Descimados, Shelley and the rest are but they add to a commentary on life on Thurrock over the past five years.

It takes a long time to build up an on-lien community. Your Harlow has only had 70 comments so far in four months. A lot of engagement work to do there.

Our critics will say that they are just a few people. You would be surprised as there are comments spread over many subjects from Bulphan WI to Purfleet Judo.

Comments now also spill over to the facebook pages. Our recent articles on clear-up rates and crime have seen a debate in the Stanford-le-Hope facebook page.

We do try and draw a line. There is a clear code of conduct and we now pre-moderate, mainly because of Shelley going on and on and on……

Thanks to one and all.

Right, we have to go now as Ed has made comment 10,001!


  1. Oh dear Mr Editor. Is your left wing bias leading to you to become as insulting as some of the others that comment on here. If you don’t like my comments then bar me like you did before.

  2. Actually if the offer of the trip to Bulgaria is still on I’ll take you up on that. I can get a bit of skiing in and while I’m there obtain a false ID and passport and come back as a Bulgarian immigrant and claim some benefits. Thanks very much.

  3. Great work YT, the online community is growing from strength to strength, we may not all agree on subjects but that is the beauty of healthy debate, long may it continue.

  4. This site used to be the domain of Labour councillors and their supporters to say what they wanted without much opposition. At least they don’t have it all their own way any more which I was led to believe was a good thing in a free speech democracy.

    I know why you pulled my last comment Mr editor. Be careful of the offers you make.

  5. If more people did go on holiday to Bulgaria then perhaps it would create more jobs meaning less of the inhabitants don’t want to come here!

  6. Superman do you dress as your namesake in your bedroom. Do you stand and pose in front of the mirror believing yourself to be a superhero. In real life your probably about 4 ft tall with a huge chip on your shoulder because you were bullied at school and have been the rest of your life. You’re a sad left wing fu**wit drone. You’re a throwback to the 70’s when odball socialists like you thought you ruled the world. You’re probably on the dole or most likely claiming incapacity benefit for a fake illness. You’re a fag end sad old socialist and a pathetic faliure in life.

    Rocket1, that’s probably what you’ve had straight up your backside and you’ve been walking bandy ever since. No doubt you’ll be kneeling down in front of the great comrade in the near future to take your reward for being such a stalwart of the comarde’s efforts to hang on to his cash. You must have sore lips by now.

    So the swivel eyed loons on the left want to get all girly and start throwing insults because the story mentioned me.

  7. Girls girls please stop. You’re cutting me up with your rapier comments. Shall I let you into a secret girls. Do you know why socialism fails, well your form of socialism. It’s because it relies on capitalism to fund it.

    See girls you can’t really take socialism in its raw form. You have to dress it up as a kind of squidgy cuddly form of capitalism to appease your egos and sensibilities. You like to run around and tell people you’re going to give them everything they want and it’s all going to be free because you’re such nice socialists.

    People like Polly and lisping Ed are like the kings and queens of France in the pre revolutionary era. They sit around the dinner table and pontificate over how they can make the poor more presentable in public. The peasants are revolting and the socialist kings and queens want to play the game of the wonderful benefactors to the poor.

    Do you know who the real benefactors to the poor were during the last Labour government girls. I’ll tell you. It was the banks. You see all your socialist friends went off to the capitalist pigs and borrowed hundreds of billions of pounds so they could pretend t be the friends of the poor. They took all the credit but in reality they didn’t do anything but welsh on their debts and run away and deny everything.

    You see girl’s socialism is a failure because the socialists have never been able to implement it in the form it was meant to take. No personal freedoms; no personal wealth; no aspiration other than to the state. The state owns you. You are an asset of the state. I’m afraid girls the twee world of Polly and lisping Ed and you won’t put up with that because they wouldn’t be able to play lord and lady of the manor and throw some crumbs to the peasants.

    That’s why you’ll always be failures girls.

    I’ve got one for you girls. What’s a socialists favourite wine . Ar wanna go ta Lakeside n buy some new fings wi me benefits.

    Dream on Superman it’s all you’ve got.


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