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MPs silent on shocking figures on unsolved crimes in Thurrock

WE DO accept that they are not obliged to say anything but it looks like both Thurrock MPs have decided to “plead the fifth amendment” when it comes to the shocking state of solving burglary in Thurrock.

On Friday, YT revealed that 94% of all burglaries in Thurrock remain unsolved. Of the 1640 burglaries in the borough between April 1st 2012 and March 31st, 2013, only 111 were solved.

We sent the following two questions to Jackie Doyle-Price and Stephen Metcalfe. Infact we sent them twice. We have not received a reply.

For your information, the questions were:

1. What concerns do you have (if any) that the solve rate for burglary in Thurrock has now declined to 6%?

2. What concerns do you have that despite almost 4,000 less crimes reported over seven categories since 2006, solve rates remain static at best, on the decline at worst?

Later on Friday, the Essex Police Crime Commissioner, Nick Alston chaired a forum in South Ockendon. You can see the film below. Mr Alston was asked about the figures by a member of the public. He described them as “Not good”. A detective present countered that by saying their solve rate since April 1st 2013 had “improved upon the figures by 50%”

Labour candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock, Mike Le-Surf was more direct.
Mr le-Surf said: “The £40 million worth of cuts to Essex Police dished out by the Tories are clearly having an effect both on reported crime and detection rates. We knew that 20% government cuts to policing would have a damaging affect on our communities and I commend Your Thurrock for highlighting this issue.

Hearing from residents at a meeting recently in Pitsea about numerous failed attempts to report crime on the 101 number is very worrying and is affecting the lives of people across South Basildon and East Thurrock. The Tory Police and Crime Commissioner Nick Alston failed to turn up to that meeting and it was left to the over-stretched PCSOs and officer present to hear people concerns.

I agree with Your Thurrock that fewer people reporting crime is a massive vote of no confidence in the criminal justice system in Essex and across the UK. These unsustainable cuts are leaving vulnerable people more isolated and I look forward to a Labour government addressing this imbalance in 2015.”

Our report comes at a time when a report a Parliamentary Select Committee, chaired by North Essex and Harwich MP Bernard Jenkin, heard allegations by PC James Patrick, who lives in north Essex, about manipulated figures in the Metropolitan Police.

An investigation is now being carried out by MPs.

Reported crimes in Essex are down by almost 4,000 in eight categories alone since 2006.


  1. Here we go again. The socialists are going to spend their way out of a problem. No doubt if he gets elected as an MP he’ll be giving all his salary up to fund the socialist spending dream.

  2. It appears to me that the Tories used PCC elections as a way of getting politics into the police force legitimately. The Tories are now wasting hundreds of thousands, if not millions, funding all these new people who are elected to do god knows what.

    If the Tories really cared about crime then they would not have wasted such large quantities on this stupid idea and would have instead diverted money to keep local police stations open, put more bobbies on the beat which could make solving crime a much easier task.

    I actually think the Tories have been worse than Labour on how they have delt with crime and sentencing. The Tories in government seem to have demoralised the police force with their cuts whilst at the same time trying to worm their way in through the daft PCC idea.

    Only an idiot would ringfence the foreign aid budget but cut the police budget. How very patriotic of them.

  3. I don’t know how the police spend their money JMW118. Without knowing that how could a person come up with ideas. The Labour party threw money at this when they were in power and it did nothing. They softened sentences and introduced a statistical nightmare into policing which resulted in god knows how much being spent on penpushers once again.

    Perhaps if the police weren’t tied up in laws and procedures ensuring the little darlings that commit crime have their rights put above those of victims, the police’ job might be easier. The European human rights court a prime example of how Labour did all they could to make the lawyers rich at the expense of the public and proper policing.

    If the left hadn’t wanted the police to dance through hoops every time they arrested someone maybe the police could get on and do their job.

    We had 13 years of Labour government throwing money at everything. Can you point to their success stories.

  4. I wonder what former Labour MP for Thurrock Andrew Mackinlay would say? Would he keep his mouth shut or would he be holding the Police Commissioner to account?

    Remember what Steve Metcalf MP and Thurrock Councillors told the Police Commissioner the crime priority in Thurrock was? Dogging in a country lane in Bulphan resulting in hundreds of Police patrols over a few months where they found no signs of any untoward activity whatsoever.


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