Saturday, February 4, 2023

Taxi Driver’s licensing appeal refused

A DAGENHAM man’s bid to overturn Thurrock Council’s decision to suspend his private hire driver’s licence failed on Monday (25 November).

Magistrates at Basildon dismissed the appeal of 52-year-old Maurice Lumbard of Grafton Road, Dagenham, and ordered him to pay £500 costs.

Sitting in exempt session on 17 April, the council’s licensing sub committee had suspended his licence for six months.

On Monday the court heard that in February this year, Lumbard submitted an application to renew his licence, declaring he had not received any convictions, cautions or motoring convictions since his last application in January 2010.

Following checks with the DVLA the council discovered his DVLA licence was recorded as expired/revoked in March 2012 and that the possible reasons for this were failure to submit a licence for endorsement after a fixed penalty,

This meant he had been driving without a valid licence for 12 months. The check also revealed three motoring offences that Lumbard had received, but had failed to declare to the council.

The court dismissed the appeal and awarded costs of £500 in favour of the council.


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