Val defends cost of Thurrock Council website

PORTFOLIO holder, cllr Valerieaberdeen Morris-Cook rose on the floor of the council chamber to put the record straight over the cost of the new Thurrock Council website.

A press statement from the council stated that the website cost £300,000.

In a response to a question from cllr Tunde Ojetola, cllr Morris-Cook compared the cost with a number of carefully chosen councils.

Cllr Morris-Cook pointed to Essex County Council, which cost £800,000.

YT decided to have a look at the cost of other council websites. The population of the area covered by the council is in brackets.

We have left a link to a couple of sites. Aberdeen looks like a snip at £6,000…..

Aberdeen: £6,900 (210,000)
Amber Valley: £40,000 (121,000)
Babergh: £60,000 (87,000)
Birmingham: £2.8m (1.1m)
Bradford: £40,000 (500,000)
Bristol: £121,000 (421,000)
Cardiff: £15,000 (150,000)
Edinburgh: £100,000 (500,000
Fife: £60,000 (360,000)
Lincolnshire: £147,000 (127,000)
Haringey: £539,000 (225,000)
Redbridge: £180,000 (250,000)

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