Friday, February 23, 2024

Val defends cost of Thurrock Council website

PORTFOLIO holder, cllr Valerieaberdeen Morris-Cook rose on the floor of the council chamber to put the record straight over the cost of the new Thurrock Council website.

A press statement from the council stated that the website cost £300,000.

In a response to a question from cllr Tunde Ojetola, cllr Morris-Cook compared the cost with a number of carefully chosen councils.

Cllr Morris-Cook pointed to Essex County Council, which cost £800,000.

YT decided to have a look at the cost of other council websites. The population of the area covered by the council is in brackets.

We have left a link to a couple of sites. Aberdeen looks like a snip at £6,000…..

Aberdeen: £6,900 (210,000)
Amber Valley: £40,000 (121,000)
Babergh: £60,000 (87,000)
Birmingham: £2.8m (1.1m)
Bradford: £40,000 (500,000)
Bristol: £121,000 (421,000)
Cardiff: £15,000 (150,000)
Edinburgh: £100,000 (500,000
Fife: £60,000 (360,000)
Lincolnshire: £147,000 (127,000)
Haringey: £539,000 (225,000)
Redbridge: £180,000 (250,000)


  1. I dont normally agree with VMC but in this instance what she is saying does seem to stack up, it will be interesting to see in 6months to a year the hit rate on the site and how much development is made to the site so it has further interactivity with those that use the site.

    We now live in a technical age where the majority of people access the web via Smart Phones or PC/Laptops and the more you can do from the web will increase its usage and overall savings.


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