Wednesday, June 19, 2024

ID now needed to use Linford waste site

THURROCK Council is to clamp down on traders illegally using the Civic Amenity site at Linford.

The site only has a household waste licence and should only be used by Thurrock residents to dispose of waste from their homes.

However, it has become increasingly obvious that traders are taking advantage of the situation and tipping business waste at the site.

The cost to council tax payers is becoming prohibitive as it costs over £100 per tonne to then landfill the waste and the annual cost is now over £60,000.

From 9 December people using the site will have to provide proof that they live in Thurrock.

Portfolio holder for Environment Cllr Victoria Holloway explained: “Thurrock is one of very few councils that do not insist on seeing proof of residency at their local civic amenity sites.

“But as the pressure on council spending continues to grow, it is now necessary to make sure only those entitled to use the site actually do so.

“This means everybody using the Linford site will have to bring proof of identity to show they live in Thurrock.

“I know it’s a change and residents will have to remember to bring a utility bill with them or another form of ID, but we have to take steps to stop the illegal use of the facility and ultimately protect tax payers money.”



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