Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Trailer blazed in Melba Gardens, Tilbury

Update 2130 hrs

Essex Fire Service Report

Firefighters tackled a fire involving a trailer. Initial emergency calls to the service reported a house fire but on arrival crews confirmed the fire involved a trailer rather than a house.

Wearing breathing apparatus and using two hose reel jets crews had extinguished the blaze by 18:41hrs.

Update: 1910 hrs

YT understands that the fire is under control and that fire service are standing down.

Initial report: 1830 hrs

THERE are reports of a large fire in Tilbury.

YT understands that it is in the Melba Gardens area of Tilbury.

Sources have told us that there are three fire engines, two police cars and an ambulance at the scene.

More to follow.



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