Council Tax Band-its warning

counciltaxTHIS PRESS-release comes from Epping Forest District Council but it is worth publicising here, just in case, someone tries this with you.

“Residents are being advised to be on their guard. Staff at Epping Forest District Council have received reports of a company operating in the south of the district offering services to householders to get their council tax band reduced.

Residents have told us that the company when knocking on people’s doors are claiming to be from ‘council tax’ and giving people the impression they are from Epping Forest District Council, they are not.

Anyone using the company’s services should be aware that should it be successful in getting a council tax band reduced, the company will take a share of any overpayment.

Rob Pavey, Assistant Director for Council Tax said: “We don’t set council tax bands. If anyone feels their council tax band is too high they themselves can contact the Valuation Office Agency who set the bands on 03000 501501, and would then receive the full refund should their band be reduced. Residents can also contact my team at Epping Forest District Council for general council tax advice on 01992 564188 or 564189.”

Mr Pavey added: “I would urge people to check for ID, read carefully any document before they sign it, seek advice if they need to from the council tax section or the Valuation Office Agency, and get a copy of any signed document.”

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