Licensee warned after under-age sales

A THURROCK licensee has been warned about his future conduct at a meeting of the council’s licensing sub-committee on Wednesday.

The sub-committee was considering a review of the licence for Moylers – which trades as Premier – in Calcutta Road, Tilbury, after the store had sold a 700ml bottle of Bacardi Breezer alcohol to a 15-year-old volunteering with the council’s trading standards team.

Trading standards – and Essex Police – had asked for the review and the imposition of new conditions on the licence.

During the meeting, members were told that the licence had been transferred from Sunil Kumar Devadasan who was also the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) to Selliah Ranjan – the person who had sold the bottle to the youth – and Mr Ranjan now also owned the store and was the DPS.

Mr Ranjan did have experience as a licence holder and had recently undertaken training, along with other store employees, around the sale of alcohol and other age-restricted goods.

Cllr Mike Stone, chairing the meeting, said the sub-committee agreed most of the proposed licence conditions with two amendments, one taking into account that appropriate training had already taken place and a second demanding that an additional CCTV camera was installed covering the outside of the store.

Both changes – and the other conditions – had already been accepted by the licensee.

Cllr Stone added: “I’d like to express our disappointment that Mr Ranjan, a man with 30 years’ experience, failed the test purchase and it was a tough call whether we would remove him from the licence.”

Speaking afterwards, Cllr Stone said: “This was a difficult decision complicated by the transfer of the licence so recently. I thought it important Mr Ranjan realised this was a last chance and other licensees should take note too.

“We take the sale of alcohol to minors very seriously indeed. One warning is all you’ll get.”

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