Thursday, July 18, 2024

Thurrock Council’s housing partner deny “bribery and corruption” allegation


A COMPANY IN charge of social housing repairs in Thurrock has strongly denied the claims of “bribery and corruption” by a former senior manager.

The claim by Alan Strong is against Morrison Facilities Services (MFS) & Mears Group Plc.

Alan Strong is due to go to an employment tribunal in Central London next month.

He is being represented by Compromise Agreements Limited (CAL).

In a press statement released by CAL, they state that Mr Strong resigned from his job after “being marginalised and having his duties reduced, after he made a complaint to management about bribery and corruption”.

They say that after “blowing the whistle” Mr Strong was taken off nineteen of the contracts that he was responsible for.

The statement goes into details about the techniques used to allegedly “skim government money off for themselves and their partners.”

YT understands that Mr Strong may, in court, go into detail about the working relationship between Morrison and Thurrock Council as well as their subsequent owners, the Mears Group.

CAL claim in their press statement that the Morrison group overcharged Thurrock Council in excess of £1 million. They also claim that Thurrock Council only managed to get £600,000 back.

The Executive Director of the Mears Group PLC, Alan Long said: “We are disappointed by these spurious allegations which have been invented purely to force a settlement.

“We strongly deny the allegations which is why we will be defending this case at the Employment Tribunal.”

Thurrock Council had not replied to a request for a statement at the time of publication.


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