Monday, September 25, 2023

Boxing: Wayne Hibbert angry after Sky fight cancelled

STANFORD-LE-HOPE boxer, John Wayne Hibbert was floored on Saturday, not by his opponent but by the Sky TV schedules.

Wayne was due to fight at the Excel Arena on the Fight Night bill on Sky TV.

But as many of the fights went twelve rounds, Sky simply ran out of time.

Wayne had trained for months for the fight and was clearly upset but what is typical of Wayne is that he was more upset for his fans, may of whom, had paid for tickets.

Wayne said on Facebook: “I just wanna say another sorry to everyone that came on Saturday.

“I know that it was a very expensive day. I hope it does not effect my support for when I fight Ricky Boylan for the Southern Area title.”

Wayne’s fans appear to be very understanding and loyal.

Sam Meyers said: “Loads of good boxing to watch that night, people gotta appreciate that. Totally out of your control. Your supporters will always follow”.


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