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UKIP’s Tim takes to Daybreak to pour scorn on Cameron’s changes to migrants rules

UKIP candidate for the East of England in the 2014 European Elections, Tim Aker (and Thurrock resident) appeared on ITV’s Daybreak on Wednesday morning

Prime Minister David Cameron has brought forward plans to tighten the country’s welfare system for EU migrants as restrictions are lifted on Romanian and Bulgarian workers.

From 1 January, 2014, EU citizens must have lived in the UK for three months before they can claim out-of-work benefits, compared to several weeks as it currently stands.

Benefits will also be removed from EU jobseekers who have “no job prospects”, said the government, and there will be a year-long re-entry ban for deported migrants who could not find work.

Mr Aker poured scorn on the restrictions.

He said: “This is little compensation for the one million young people who find themselves unemployed in Britain.

“David Cameron has known about this for seven years and has done nothing about it.”

He was asked what message it sends out.

Tim Aker said: “The only way to resolve this situation is to leave the EU. Immigration should be like eating: what and how much.”

“British people want a sensible planned immigration policy.”


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