Saturday, September 23, 2023

Campaign continues for zero dog poo in Chafford

A CHAFFORD resident is campaigning for a reduction in the amount of dog faeces in Chafford Hundred.

Daniel Rice moved into the area in 2012 and he was shocked to see how much dog poo was left on the pavements and pathways.

So, Daniel has started a campaign to raise awareness regarding the filthy issue.

It may have helped his cause that since filming a local man has accumulated a fine of nearly £2,000 recently after he let his dog commit the foul deed.

YT spoke to dogpoo


  1. A campaign not to be “pooed” at. The counting of dog poo sounds like an ideal “zeo hours” contract job. When will the Council start recruiting? Better be quick less the work “piles” up. Obviously the issue is making some Chafford Hundred residents “barking” mad.
    Maybe the ultimate solution is to declare Chafford Hundred a dog free zone. How about signs when you enter Chafford Hundred “YOU ARE ENTERING A ZERO TOLERANCE FOR DOGS ZONE”>

  2. Strange it takes someone new to the area to see how utterly disgusting the place is and to make a fuss and complain to get something done.

    Is it because residents have become so used to the mess and the inactivity of the council that they no longer bother to make a fuss and complain as they know the council won’t do a thing?

    And why aren’t the elected and well remunerated local councillors not doing the job for which they receive a large amount of local council taxpayers cash and making sure this sort of issue is dealt with by the local council?


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