Monday, February 26, 2024

Labour up early on Blue Monday to protest over rail fares

LABOUR activists were up at the break of dawn and headed to the borough’s railway stations to highlight recent rail price hikes.

They picked the day when the majority of commuters return after the festive break.

They also picked the day when overhead line problems saw chaos on the line.

Last week, average rail fares increased by 2.8%.

Many Thurrock commuters pay more than £2,000 a year in season tickets prices.



  1. And the point is?What a ridiculous excercise,assume then Labour would reduce fares?,instead of publicity stunts why not address the real issues affecting the borough.

    More amnesia.

    , .

  2. It is a disgrace the amount fares cost now. This is one Labour government policy that the current government should do away with. Rail companies should be ,ade to justif any fare increases in what is a captive market.

    Where were all the Labour activists in January 2003 – January 2010 when the Labour government were enacting their policy of huge fare increases. They’re basically standing there looking like smug liars, pretending it was nothing to do with their party at all.

    The current Labour party is one big sham.

  3. And this is the same Labour party who in 2004 their Transport Secretary introduced the system of inflation +1% rises on the rail fares, oh how they soon forget, Labour amnesia is alive and well

  4. Politicians of all parties act as if we are uneducated Trolls, that’s why today’s stunt was so ludicrous,rail fares have and always will increase no matter which party is in power,and they wonder why more and more people can’t be bothered to vote.

  5. So where would a future Labour Government get the money to keep prices down – will they borrow money we haven’t got so our grandchildren will still be paying off the interest in decades to come? Or will they nationalise the railways and charge us peanuts? I think we should be told.

  6. Labour picked a terrible day for it, the trains were delayed, it was pouring and no one cared what they had to say as folk were more concerned with getting into work.

  7. As mentioned by others, this fares increase policy is a Labour Government policy which has continued under the present government! Thurrock Labour Party, please stop treating us like idiots!


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