Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Lib Dem defects to fight Little Thurrock for Labour

IT APPEARS that Liberal Democrats like Little Thurrock but it also appears that they only like it when they ditch the party and join another party.

A few years ago, Tom Kelly left the party and joined the Tories. Amiable Tom was then successfully elected (maj 159) as a Conservative councillor in 2011.

Now it appears that another Liberal Democrat is standing for election in Little Thurrock.

Elzbieta Vine stood for the Liberal Democrats in the ward of Tilbury St Chads and polled a whopping 19 votes.

Since then, Elzbieta (Ella) has become much more immersed in Thurrock politics with roles in Thurrock anti-racism organisation, TRUST and in the Thurrock Labour group itself.

Ella also has a national role as a european citizen rights campaigner and recently appeared on BBC News to discuss the new rules that came in on January 1st.

Ella was selected for the seat on Saturday and received congratulations via Twitter from Thurrock Council, deputy leader, Barbara Rice.ella


  1. I hope they have conceded this seat. Here is a person who appears to be totally committed to getting into politics by any way she can. She’s also extrremely committed to looking after the rights and welfare of people who aren’t actually from this country. So what will she bring to the table for ordinary British people considering the amount of time she must spend on her other, more international interests.

  2. I say good luck to her. She does seem to have a passion for politics and none of us will know how she will perform as a Councillor until elected. Does it matter if she is Polish? Not a bit. I just hope if she is elected we don’t have another Aaron Keily.

  3. I find it surprising she would join Labour considering the roaring success socialism and communism had on her own country in the past. Maybe Labour aren’t socialists after all. The schizophrenic nature of their leadership, both locally and nationally, makes it difficult to say what they really do stand for. I suppose it depends which way the wind’s blowing that day.


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