Tuesday, February 27, 2024

What happened to the money for the Mardyke Valley?

THIS was the question posed by South Ockendon resident, Mr Peter Perrin at a recent council meeting.

Amongst the controversy surrounding the treatment of horses was the question of how over £600,000 given by the Heritage Lottery Fund was spent.

The film reveals council leader, John Kent’s answer.

An Essex County Council spokesperson said: “Essex County Council managed the application for the overarching Heritage Lottery project, which includes the creation of new habitats and improving the Mardyke Way for all users, working with local schools and the community. The long term management of the Mardyke Valley rests with the landowner, Thurrock Council who have a Management Plan based on work carried out by the ecologist for the management of the Mar Dyke meadows.

“Essex County Council and Thurrock Council consistently work together on environmental projects. Both organisations are very concerned about the state of the Mardyke Valley following the exceptional flooding and Thurrock are preparing to review the ecological condition of the valley when the flood waters subside.”


  1. When watching your video Mike I noted the presence of Aaron Kiely in the background while Mr Kent was talking, what occurred to me is over the last few months Mr Anderson has been very vocal about this member’s non-attendance perhaps he should have got Wendy Herd to ask him, about non-attendance or had the gumption to asking himself, or as I suspect all show no guts
    And as usual political point scoring at its worse from the biggest offender at Thurrock none other than Anderson


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