Friday, April 19, 2024

Call to remove zebra crossing in Southend Road, Grays

THE traffic problems at Southend Road, Grays has been well-documented. The main problem seems to be the number of cars reversing from the car parks at the Tesco and Co-Op onto the main road.

For many residents it is a serious or perhaps fatal road traffic collision waiting to happen.

Tesco trade union employee Terry Brookes has great reservations about the zebra crossing and has organised a petition for the removal of the crossing.

YT went down to Southend Road to discuss Terry’s concerns.southend


  1. Why were Tesco or as they are otherwise known “Engulf and Devour” ever allowed to open right next door to an existing convenience store the Co op it’s,blindingly obviously there would be an increase in traffic congestion.if it was the other way round no way would the Co op be allowed to open.

    Mr Brooks stated on another medium it was all about fair competition,now fair and Tesco’s not words you normally hear together!The Zebra crossing is in exactly the right location,Tesco are quite definitely not.

  2. The same thing happened in Tilbury. Tesco allowed to open across the road from the Co-op. Next they will want to build near the Corringham Catcracker Pub because the Co-op has taken it over.


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