Le-Surf angry at “Aggressive tactics” by Basildon Council over council tax recovery

LABOUR’S parliamentary candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock, Mike Le-Surf, has criticised Basildon Council’s aggressive tactics in the recovery of council tax from disabled residents.

Of the 1137 residents in the borough with disabilities and falling into arrears, 916 have had summons issued against them since last April.

Of those paying increased council tax or council tax for the first time, Basildon Council have instructed bailiffs to recover money from 123 residents with disabilities.

Me. Le-Surf said: “This is a disgrace. It is bad enough that Basildon Council has to implement these heavy cuts passed down from central government but sending in the bailiffs is both aggressive and unnecessary. Many people with disabilities have had to pay council tax for the first time at an average amount of around £180. They should be offered support not issed with a summons and face the bailiffs.”

“Last year I marched with residents through the town against the cuts to hot meals at day services for the elderly. This year we are seeing the Basildon Tories once again attacking the vulnerable and pushing people further into hardship.”

“I plan to meet with members of the Basildon Disability Forum next week to discuss the issues raised and hear from local residents who are affected by this policy.”

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