The Thurrock schools where English is not the first language

THE CHANGING landscape of Thurrock has been illustrated this week as it has been revealed that in two schools, English is no longer the first language for the majority of the pupils.

54% of students in Holy Cross Primary in South Ockendon and 51% of students at St Mary’s Primary in Tilbury do not speak english as a first language.

Holy Cross was last inspected by Ofsted in 2012. The school was rated as: “Satisfactory” a rating which has now categorised as “Requires Improvement”

St Mary’s was last inspected two years ago and was rated as Good.

They join a list of more than 200 schools around the country where pupils do not speak English as their mother tongue, with children speaking as many as 14 different languages.

To help cope with the growing diversity of their pupils, some schools have enlisted interpreters to help at parents evenings and bi-lingual teaching assistants for reception classes.

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