Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The Thurrock schools where English is not the first language

THE CHANGING landscape of Thurrock has been illustrated this week as it has been revealed that in two schools, English is no longer the first language for the majority of the pupils.

54% of students in Holy Cross Primary in South Ockendon and 51% of students at St Mary’s Primary in Tilbury do not speak english as a first language.

Holy Cross was last inspected by Ofsted in 2012. The school was rated as: “Satisfactory” a rating which has now categorised as “Requires Improvement”

St Mary’s was last inspected two years ago and was rated as Good.

They join a list of more than 200 schools around the country where pupils do not speak English as their mother tongue, with children speaking as many as 14 different languages.

To help cope with the growing diversity of their pupils, some schools have enlisted interpreters to help at parents evenings and bi-lingual teaching assistants for reception classes.


  1. I fail to see why this should be viewed as a positive thing. A fractious society where millions of people come to this country without being able to speak English.

    What about the extra cost to the schools system of having to compensate for these children?

    Presumably if English isn’t the first language of the children, it isn’t the first language of the parents either. I’m assuming this will be a significant bar to their parents achieving any gainful employment.

    No doubt some will bask in the fact that this proves that as a country we are a multicultural haven where everyone integrates and mass immigration doesn’t pose any real problems.

    The current Labour party should take a long hard look at the legacy they have left this country after their failed 13 years in government

  2. these recent arrivals are very ambitious for their children to succeed,i’m sure they will outperform the local chavs.

  3. Appalling. Doesn’t happen anywhere else. I bet the race card handwringers are rejoicing.

    Anywhere else, you learn the language and respect the host country’s traditions and culture. Not here. Their parents should never have been allowed in without speaking English. Nobody should.

    It’s only a matter of time before there is a revolution in this country.

  4. The old chestnut that all immigrants are highly educated, motivated workers is just that, an old chestnut that’s been chewed up and spat out so many times because bare faced lies tend to leave a sour taste in the mouths of most. Not in the mouths of the mass immigration champions on the left though. They believe their own propaganda even though the evidence to the contrary is all around them to see.

    What amazes me is the fact that all these highly educated, motivated workers choose to leave the crumbling wrecks of economies and societies they come from to live here. Why is it that these countries that they come from aren’t the shining beacons of wealth and prosperity around the globe that they should be considering that all the people that are born there are clearly more intelligent, more motivated and more able than the mere plebs that happen to be born in this country, a tiny little island that is still the sixth largest economy in the world. A country that since the left’s mass immigration policies were used against the local population with total disregard for their thoughts on the matter, has sunk in virtually all measures of health, wellbeing, economic achievement used globally to measure a country’s performance.

    We are so useless in this country that all these highly educated, motivated people choose to come here. Or could it be that the left are still peddling the same old chestnut.

    Not just the left any more but big business as well because big business knows that over supply of an under educated workforce willing to work for peanuts forces wages down and their profits up. This in turn stagnates wages for the rest of the population.

    Who’d have though the socialists in the Labour party would have done the bidding of big business, their sworn enemies, or so they would have people believe, for them and provide the exact conditions that the fat cats had been crying out for.

    Labour; on the side of the working man. Funniest thing I’ve heard for ages.

  5. Another side splitter from the retarded one. I bet you’re the centre of attention at parties. You can go back to dribbling in your tea now.

  6. I can’t make my mind up whether you really are a child or a feeble adult that can’t resist resorting to insults. You may as well blow rasberrries and say ner ner nee ner ner. Truly childish responses.

    You take every opportunity to denigrate the people of this country in favour of immigrants. I can only assume you are one yourself. If you hate the people of this country so much. leave.

    Go out onto the streets and put your argument. Tell me where you’ll be. I want to see how long you last.


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