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But now Polly wants The Big Thurrock debate

PERHAPS, one of the disappointments regarding the BBC production of Any Questions in Purfleet on Friday night was any questions regarding, Thurrock.

The previous weeks show in Wales left you in no doubt that you were in the principality with passionate questions and debate regarding the welsh language, education standards in Wales and flooding.

Perhaps Thurrock-centred questions were asked but they did not make the final cut.

For Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate, Polly Billington, this was a missed opportunity.

Polly said: “Any Questions was a great opportunity to showcase the amazing facility we have at the Backstage Centre. But I, like others, was disappointed the choice of questions didn’t reflect a wider range of people’s interests and experiences here in Thurrock.

“It’s a great programme, with some wonderful panellists of national reputation but sometimes it would really benefit from a bit more of a local feel to the discussion. Even when they were talking about flooding, there was barely any talk of the risks we experience here. I hope we can have something similar here soon that has a more local focus. Would I be up for it? Yes of course!!”

Having said that, local girl Jade Godard, who was sitting next to Polly, was thrilled to meet one of her heroines after the show.

Polly added: “Jade and I got chatting about the guests and what we thought they were likely to say. I was really struck by how strongly Jade felt about Diane Abbott, as someone to admire because she speaks her mind. I know Diane, so at the end of the show I introduced them.”

Jade said: 

”It was great to meet Diane Abbott who I think really speaks her mind and we need that in politics. It was a pity they didn’t get to talk about low pay or how difficult it is for young people to get on.

“I am on a 12 hour per week contract and minimum wage in a retail job in Thurrock.

“I wanted to go to university but getting in debt put me off. Diane was sympathetic and it was kind of Polly to introduce us.”


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