Friday, March 1, 2024

Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions pass the Firebreak Course

By Lee Castle

OVER a dozen members of the Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions (TLS) undertook an arduous Firebreak course at Corringham Fire Station recently.

The course taught first-aid, working as a team and to have confidence in yourself.

Here are some of the words from Lee, Isabelle, Anita and Danny, who took part this year supported by TLS.

TEN-TV: “How was Fire Break this year?”
Lee: “Good… Bit cold it was, it rained”.

TEN-TV: “What was the best part?”
Lee: “Doing things outside….”
Anita: “Climbing a ladder… very high.”
Lee: “Scary!” (all laugh)
Isabelle: “Nervous.”
Lee: “Pointed the water at the [smoking] building.”
Anita: “Tunnel.”
Lee: “You had to wear a gas mask suit”.
Danny: “[the best part] was the wall. [I wore a] jacket… suit… boots, also I wore a hat… all red… I wasn’t scared at all!”

TEN-TV: “Did you enjoy the breakfast!?”
Lee: “We had 5 days a week breakfast… Sausages and Bacon”.
Danny: “Really, really good!”

TEN-TV: “Did you learn much?”
Isabelle: “Yes”
Anita: “Yes”
Lee: “Learnt a lot of things…First aid.”
Danny: “I got a certificate…”

TEN-TV: “How did that make you feel?”
Danny: “Very, very, very happy!”



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