Friday, July 19, 2024

Council set to get tough over HGV limit on London Road, Grays

ESSEX Police hassmithweight agreed to crackdown on heavy goods vehicles breaching the weight restrictions on London Road in West Thurrock.

Thurrock Council highways team have carried out a traffic survey on the road, confirming there are still a large number of HGVs using the route – despite the 7½ tonne restriction that was introduced in August 2013.

Cllr Andy Smith, Thurrock’s portfolio holder for Highways, said: “The people living in London Road have had to put up with the scourge of heavy lorries trundling just a few yards past their front doors.

“We all know it’s a busy road with the vast majority of homes built close to the highway.

“We brought in this weight restriction to try and stop this menace. It’s not just the noise and the dirt thrown up by the lorries, but children have to walk along these pavements and cross this road to get to and from school.

“Now we have the solid proof that lorry drivers are flouting the rules we have contacted Essex Police and they have agreed the check the road over the coming weeks to carry out enforcement against those contravening the Order.”


  1. This seems to be code for “we’ve been promising to do something for several years, we still haven’t actually done much, but now there is an election coming up, we must be Seen To Be Doing Something”.

    Who is up in West Thurrock this year? Oh look, Cllr Andy Smith…

  2. Descamisados- I can only agree with you that the upcoming local election is what is pushing the cabinet member to act ONLY for his ward. As has been pointed out to me only a short while ago by a concernned resident of Ockendon “this is a national road sign ” and therefore should be policed accross the borough of Thurrock and not simply in Clrr Smith’s ward. Ockendon has the signs but nothing is done to enforce them and MANY MANY times the administration been made aware of the thundering lorries in South Road in particular. Please confirm that you will be instructing the police to act right across the borough to enforce these signs and not just for your own political gratification.

  3. it must be election time,the gloves are coming off,but i think its a bit rich of a thurrock tory to accuse anyone else of putting their own ward first.

  4. the police motorcycle team were out on patrol in south stifford this afternoon,pulling over all the LGV wagons breaking the weight limit.

  5. Des is spot on.

    With elections coming up we’ll probably see more of these stories about councillors doing something in their wards. The thing is that most councillors are constantly doing things to help their residents which probably go unpublished


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