Friday, May 24, 2024

Council crack down on yobs..with a strongly worded letter to their mums

THURROCK Council officers and Essex Police have been patrolling the Derwent Parade area of South Ockendon to clamp down on anti-social behaviour.

Following reports of ASB – including deliberately setting fires in communal areas and underage drinking – the patrols were held on the nights of Friday (31 January) and Saturday (1 February).

Over the two nights, a total of 15 youths were stopped and spoken to – and letters have been sent to their parents.
Further operations will be taking place.

Cllr Val Morris-Cook, Thurrock Council’s cabinet member for housing, said: “It’s good to see the police and the council’s ASB housing team working together in this way.

“Anti-social behaviour is something which affects many people and if we can combat it with actions like this then the message will get out there.

“We do take ASB seriously; we will do what we can to stop it; and we will take action where we can.”


  1. Letters to the mothers of misbehaving Ockendon residents?

    Dear Mrs Kiely…

    (please note, I am in no way suggesting Cllr Kiely is a yob, or involved in any of the activities outlined in the article. He’s never in Ockendon anyway).

  2. I’d fine the parents for any damage caused to council or private property. I these kids want to set fire to a bin then thats fine….but their parents should be billed for a replacement and labour costs.

    Parents lack discipline skills and a few fines should help them attain such skills quickly.

  3. Descamisados
    I would not worry about a few ASBs if I were a Tory at this moment I’d be more worried about the amount of votes the party is going to lose while half of England is under water but the good news is most Tory politicians can try out their webbed hands and feet so not complete loss


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