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People with COPD invited to have their say

LOCAL health leaders across south west Essex are inviting patients who have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) to give their views in a survey to help improve services.

The main cause of COPD is smoking; symptoms include breathlessness, chronic cough, regular phlegm production and frequent winter bronchitis or wheeze. It affects more than 9,000 people across south west Essex and some people are living with COPD without realising. This survey has been developed to discover patients’ experiences of current services, how effective and accessible these services are and to identify areas for improvement.

Additionally, winter is a particularly tough time for COPD patients so letters have recently gone out inviting them to an assessment with the specialist nurse at their local COPD Community service. During the assessment patients will be invited to take part in the survey.

The survey is also available online at: services until 31 March 2014.

The results of the survey will help NHS Basildon and Brentwood Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group, who are leading the review, to develop a more coordinated and joined up approach to the COPD service offered in south west Essex. Local Breathe Easy groups are being approached about the plans and will be involved.

Patients diagnosed with COPD are encouraged to try to stop smoking as that is the single most important way to improve their health.

Dr Ken Wrixon, Basildon and Brentwood CCG GP lead for the project, said: “We want to hear patients’ views on the COPD service they receive locally. Patient participation in this survey can help us to shape future service provision, giving our patients what they want and need.”

Dr Raymond Arhin, Thurrock CCG GP lead for the project, said: “I advise people on how to stop smoking every day and lots of people succeed to enjoy the health benefits of having more energy, fewer chest infections and a longer life expectancy. We want everyone to be active and live healthy lives. For advice on how to stop smoking ask your Practice Nurse, GP or pharmacist. We’re here to help.”


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