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Down to zero…Not a single burglary in Thurrock solved in December.

IN December 2013, there were 120 burglaries in Thurrock. According to the website, www.police.uk, not a single burglary in the whole of the borough in that month has been solved.

Many thought things were bad in October, when out of 100 burglaries, just two were solved but these new figures shine a bright light on a new low.

For some it will be no surprise and they will no doubt point to the drastic cuts in the police budget as one of the root causes of the problem. If a football team was only putting out five players every week, would anyone be surprised if they were being overwhelmed? Certainly, no-one would or, many say, should, blame them.

We are sure that the rank and file officers will say to the public that if you give them the tools to do the job, then they will clear up a large number of these burglaries.

So, here they are. Each crime we looked at has either: “Under investigation” or “No further action” marked against it.

Over the next few days, we will gauge reaction……

The Burglaries

Juliette Way, A1306 x 2, Purfleet Road, Manor Close, Chichester Close, St Paul’s Road, Sports Ground, Teviot Ave, Ravel Road.


Victoria Way, Fulbrook Drive, Stifford Road x 3, Dent Close, Faymore Gardens, Fortin Way.

Chadwell St Mary

Heath Road, Ravenscroft, Orsett Heath Close, Daniel Close, Tasker Road, Chelmer Drive, Cambridge Gardens

Chafford Hundred

Sherwood, Harper Close, Plymouth Road x 2

Corringham East

Ingleford Road, Lampits Lane, Fernside Close, Chamberlain Ave x 2

Corringham West

Northlands Close, Balstonia Drive, Hawthorne, Parkmill Close x 2, Blythe Rd, Redlie Clse, Pugh Place, Purcell Place, Plaistow Close, Fairlord Mews,

East Tilbury

Beechcroft Avenue, King George V1

Grays Central

Dukes Avenue, Blackmore Road, Doug Siddons Court, Alfred St, Arthur St, Cromwell Road, Stuart Road, Hampden Road

Grays East

Hawkridge Drive, Buttell Close, Rectory Road, Hillside, Whitehall Road, Rodgers Road x 2, Sports Ground, The Pines, The Griffins, Windsor Ave, Blackshots Lane.

Grays South

Crest Avenue, Falcon Avenue, Parking Area, Stanley Road, Grange Road, Grovelands Way x 7


Mollands Lane, Mar Road, Annalee, Dene Path, Ashdon Close, Eriff Drive x 2, Lime Close, Arcany Road


Tilbury Road, Conway Road, Hillcrest, Grosvenor Rd

South West Thurrock

Marlow Road, Botany Way, Griffith Rd, Parking Area, Quarry Way, Essex Road, Lakeside


Whitfield Road, Webster Road, Valmor Avenue, Caldwell Road


Medick Court, Austen Close, Brennan Road, Cowper Avenue, Elgar Cresc, The Circle, Southview Ave, Alexander Road, Fairfax Road, Dock Road, Parking Area, Dunlop Road, Shelley Place, Auckland Grove,


  1. Ed, it is not just “naughty” children. It is often the parents who are committing these crimes.
    The figures quoted do nothing to encourage peoples faith in the ability of the police to solve these crimes,catching the perpetrators and bringing them to book. On the contrary the “zero” solved only encourages the burglars as it suggests that it is “open season” for them. I picture these criminals gleefully rubbing their hands together as they chant “you gotta pick a pocket or two boys, you gotta pick a pocket or two”. There is some justification for citing cuts and the lack of resources, such as the number of “bobbies” on the beat. But one has to do the best one can with the resources available. Perhaps the police should cut the number of officers resourced to deal with so called “hate” crime and redeploy them to foot patrols on the streets catching burglars, muggers and the like. I doubt that the number of “hate” crimes is anywhere near the 120 burglaries. Nick Alston, Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex, please note!
    I note with some interest the apparent difference between Chafford 100 and Brandon Groves i.e Brandon Groves seems to be burglar free .Am I being cynical to point out that 2 Labour Councillors reside in Brandon Groves and maybe, just maybe it is better policed. Or could it be that the Brandon Grove residents are more resourceful regarding the security of the estate. I suggest it might be of benefit to C100 residents to consult with the residents of “Fortress” Brandon Groves.


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