Ockendon councillors anger at state of housing in their ward

OCKENDON councillors, Barry Johnson and Lynn Carr have expressed their frustrations regarding the condition of council housing stock in their ward.

Councillor Johnson said:

“As Ockendon ward councilors’ both Cllr Carr and I are fuming with the Labour administration for allowing housing stock in Ockendon to fall into such a sorry state of repair. Labour is completely out of touch with residents in our ward and must now face up to the fact that far from gloating about “money saved with new systems in place” the housing repairs process is broken.

We receive regular calls from residents who have been promised a visit from the council’s representatives only for them to turn up late, not turn up at-all or turn up with no prior knowledge of the repair or issue, take a photograph and leave, with residents left in the dark, as to when they may return.

Commercial properties with leaky roofs, making it impossible to carry on trading, all with the same complaint a failing complicated reporting system. The sheer amount of calls we receive proves the service does not work but continues to be ignored.

The council is supposed to be a landlord of the highest repute yet continues to allow residents into void properties that are not ready for occupation, with broken promises that the problems will be put right, often leaving residents in tears on the telephone to us.

After all the evidence of the damage to health that black mould can have, it is still manifesting itself in our properties at an alarming rate, the dehumidifiers’ do not work even after resident has been told they are fixed. Burst soil pipes, with the tenant being left to clear up the mess, with no urgency from the council to aide.

Resident’s roofs taking more than two years to fix causing constant damp in rooms occupied by disabled people. We have lost count of the numerous complaints received where residents have reported problems to the call centre, received a date and time when a representative will call, lost time at work, only to be told the representative doesn’t have the tools for the job as they were not fully aware of the problem.

This has to stop, it is not good enough, we are talking about people’s lives and livelihoods, too many residents commercial or otherwise are being left frustrated and let down believing this system has left them down once and will only get worse. If Labour cannot run the housing repair contract properly they should stand aside, as it is our residents who are taking the brunt of this inept third rate service.

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