Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Le-Surf launches “Me and My Vote” project

LABOUR parliamentary candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock, Mike Le-Surf, is encouraging constituents to engage with the political process and make sure they are registered to vote.

At present, one person in every household is responsible for registering everyone else who lives at that address. The Government is proposing that, from summer 2014, each person will be required to register to vote individually, rather than by household.

Mike Le-Surf is concerned that poor information and promotion of the policy will mean that many residents will not be registered to vote after these changes. Mike is hoping that all those eligible will register and he is supporting Mencap’s ‘Me and My Vote’ project which will create resources for people with a learning disability and champion a one-to-one support model for people including families and carers, with the aim helping people register to vote.

Mike has almost 25 years of experience of working with people with learning disabilities in a variety of settings.

Mike Le-Surf said: “Welfare and housing reform, and social care cuts are affecting many people with learning disabilities and their carers so being engaged with politics has never been more important. People with learning disabilities cannot afford to be excluded from the voting system and must be supported to get involved.”

He added: “Changes in registration rules could leave vulnerable residents isolated. I am keen to engage with all constituents in South Basildon and East Thurrock especially those who are not usually heard during the political process.”

Mike would like to hear from all residents, with or without disabilities who would like more information or want to get involved with the “Me and My Vote” project.

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