Saturday, June 15, 2024

Letter to Editor: In praise of South Essex College

Dear Editor

Being of a certain age, I will always be very fond of educational establishments like South Essex College whom we affectionately refer to as the Tech. A Technical college is a Tech to me, a brilliant place with lots of very good vocational training provision. The sort of practical work skills our businesses need in our young people.

Many decades ago, 30 years to be precise, I commenced my Chartered Accountancy studies at my local Tech. Techs back then always had and South Essex College now has a fantastic range of courses to recommend our brightest young people either at its new campus in Grays or a short train journey to Southend or Basildon.

Several of my peers have children who have done really well out of Thurrock Tech or South Essex College getting good jobs with promising careers. Now the vocational route in higher education is not for everyone but with the investment made by South Essex College over the past few years, our ‘local Tech’ is definitely worth a look.

Cllr Martin Healy
Grays Riverside


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