Sunday, March 26, 2023

“Give us our money back” demand angry Thurrock Tories

aaron3FIREBRAND Ockendon councillor, Aaron Kiely came out fighting from his seat at Wednesday nights full council meeting in Thurrock.

Councillor Kiely gave a passionate explanation as to why he will not be supporting the Labour budget as he detailed what he claimed were a number of iniquities perpetrated by the coalition government.

His speech received a warm round of applause by his fellow Labour comrades. However, as you will see from the filmed recording, this stirred the Tories.

Orsett councillor Sue Little rose to question his poor attendance record and Ockendon councillor Lynn Carr rose to simply ask cllr Kiely to do the decent thing.


  1. If Councillor Kiely was passionate he would not have needed the pre-drafted speech that he clearly relied on.
    Well done Councillor Carr for asking him to do the decent thing, although I doubt he knows what that is.

  2. How has this charlatan got the nerve to stand up and state that the Tories are not working for the people when he has done absolutely sod all for his constituents, he is stealing money from the public purse and both the leader John Kent and the local Labour Party are both gutless and spineless for allowing this situation to continue for this long.

    Cllr Kiely is nothing but a wannabe politician with his snout firmly placed in the public trough, the sooner he is kicked out of TBC the better.

  3. Defending the Indefensible

    I view the contribution made by Cllr Kiely to the budget debate somewhat differently from the reportage of “Your Thurrock” and the impression given, in the video recording, of a person genuinely concerned about the people of Thurrock especially the people of South Ockendon.

    I am of the opinion that “passionate” is not the word which best describes his performance; rather the word “grandstanding” would be more appropriate. The applause and shouts of approval accorded him by the Labour Group engendered a choleric reaction in me and was an insult to conscientious hardworking councillors who daily give their time to the responsibilities of public office.

    Sometime ago the Leader of the Council and Leader of the Labour Group, Cllr John Kent, when questioned about the conduct of Kiely stated “I cannot defend the indefensible” but for years has been doing just that. For the past two years Cllr Kent has talked about an enquiry and its findings which would be made public.

    I ask him WHEN and to what end? On Wednesday 26 Feb, 2014 at the meeting of Full Council he scornfully told the Conservatives to stop attacking the attendance record of Kiely and take account of the attendance record of one of their own members, namely Cllr Herd, who had attended only once during the current council year compared to Kiely’s 2 as if that was somehow a mitigation. Two wrongs do not make a right. Cllr Kent and his Labour colleagues appear to delight in giving the people of South Ockendon a reverse two fingers victory salute. To add a further insult, despite Labour support, Kiely voted against the Labour motion to set the budget.

    I must confess that I mostly agree with the sentiments expressed in his outburst, it is his motives I have an issue with. Cllr Kiely has made it abundantly clear over the past three years he does not do anything without calculating how it will benefit his ambitions. He rants about the policies of the Government and calls them a disgrace. On the subject of disgrace he is the last person to take lessons from but then perhaps he is an experienced exponent. He would have us believe he is a champion of the oppressed which has the same credibility as the claim by Eric Pickles to be “super common”.

    I agree with Cllr Lynn Carr “give us our money back” and do all of us a favour and go and pursue your ambitions elsewhere.

    P.S. Is he {Kiely} making a bid to become the Leader of the Labour Group? That really would be a cause for concern.

  4. I agree with you Mr Perrin to a certain extent, where we differ is when Cllr Lynn Carr demanded “give us our money back” as for defending the indefensible perhaps Cllr Lynn Carr could have tried to explain her parties position on the rise of food banks and other services to welfare cuts which were made quite clearly by Cllr Kiely instead of sidestepping his comments and ridiculing his attendance with no mention to CIIr Wendy Herd but as you’ve already committed two wrongs do not make a right, nevertheless it is a matter of fact, and as such people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

    I would have liked to have heard Cllr Lynn Carr explain why her party turned down a £3 million subsidy from the EU for food banks and explain why one in five children in deprived areas are suffering from malnutrition under the present regime but let us not worry about that lets just be interested in political point making at local government level I think Cllr Kiely was spot on the Tory party is disgusting

  5. This person holds nothing but contempt for all his fellow councillors and the general public. He feels he is better than them. His comments are hollow, as has been pointed out. He has nothing positive to say about his own party, which speaks louder than his words.

    He plays the race card all the time. He supports radical extremists. He’s a perfect future candidate for the Labour party. A British hating marxist that won’t accept, even though he is apparently an educated person, that the end of the welfare state is coming and there’s nothing he can do about it. It’s not just coming here, it will be across Europe and the USA.

    Just over a year to go and hopefully the people of Ockendon will have the good sense to vote him out. He clearly won’t have the decency to stand down.

  6. Leader of the Council shows how weak he really is by failing to remove Cllr Kielly from the Labour Group.

    If he grew a pair and did this then he would lose control of the Council. It would appear Cllr Kent would rather keep his expenses and allowances than discipline members of his group.

    The same situation existed under Cllr Garry Hague where he failed to discipline wayward Conservative Councillors as doing so would mean loss of control of Thurrock Council.

  7. Never the less Cllr Kielly spoke the truth about the Tories and their policies of which none of them have denied, and as for playing the race card after watching your Thurrock’s video I saw no mention of race and as for having nothing positive to say about his own party why should he there’s more than enough to say about what the Conservative party are doing at the moment to the poorest and weakest amongst how community

    And once again no mention of Wendy Herd


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