Friday, December 8, 2023

Thurrock MEP backs Miliband over EU referendum decision.

TODAY’S (Wednesday 12 March) EU announcement by Ed Miliband that Labour would commit to an in-out EU referendum but only if there is to be a transfer of powers, means Labour is refusing to get in to a Eurosceptic ‘bidding war’, according to the Essex Euro MP.

The promise of the referendum only in these circumstances to be made in a speech by the Labour leader, stakes a clear position for both the European and the General Elections, says Richard Howitt MEP.

The Labour Euro MP who is his party’s lead candidate for this May’s European Elections says it is important Labour clarified its position for the manifesto, so all speculation would now be ended.

Richard Howitt MEP said: “Make no mistake, Labour is a pro-European party which I am sure will campaign for a ‘yes’ vote if and when the time comes.

“As a Labour Euro MP I know too that we are much more likely to win reforms from within, than by trying to blackmail our European partners by threatening to leave altogether.

“Labour’s real difference from the Conservatives is that they have set an artificial time for a referendum which is both bad for business and is on a set of reforms which not even David Cameron knows what they will contain.

“Labour says when there is a real question to be asked, we will enable the British people to provide the answer.”


  1. The fact a Euro Tart from the Labour party backs Europe will surprise nobody, as will the fact that the Labour party backs being in Europe. It is after all a left wing social experiment that involves massive unaccountable spending of other people’s money by faceless bureaucrats on pet social schemes to suit themselves.

    As for threats and blackmail, the very mention of the word referendum brings out the threats from the Lib Dems and Labour of economic Armageddon to this country if we were to vote to leave Europe. They don’t talk about co-operation then. It’s their way or they’ll ruin us.

    Europe only wants the money we pay in. If they don’t get it, Germany, France, Holland etc will pick up the tab.

    I see no point in being part of an organisation that dictates to the people of this country that we are not entitled to have a say in who actually lives in this country. That is a fundamental part of national sovereignty that I don’t think should be decided by anyone other than the British people. That is why we supposedly still have a government. Or are they all just puppets that should be dispensed with and allow people like the Euro Tart Howitt to run the country for everyone else’s benefit but the British people.

  2. Europe are on a course to ruin this country
    Labour are also on a course to ruin this country

    It’s a match made in socialist heaven…


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