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Bulphan WI: Style, panache and colour!

Bulphan WI: March report

By Janet McCheyne

IF you’ve noticed lots of extra-stylish ladies around Bulphan lately, it’s down to our talk by Elaine Smith, an image and style consultant, who shared the secrets of transformation, helping us to feel good inside and out! We were given useful tips on how to decide if we need winter or summer cool, blue-based colours – or spring or autumn warm, yellow-based colours. Then we had the choice of how to reflect our personality: natural, classic, girlie or dramatic. Elaine spoke about figure shapes, scale and line, and adapting fashion trends, but ran out of time before she could tell us which particular shops to head for to cater for our individual needs. As a bit of a sceptic, even I could see that the gold jewellery looked better on Jan, and the silver on Pat!

We welcomed two new members: Sandra from Orsett and Carol from next door to our hall!

Star volunteer Margaret appeared in the paper, to promote a campaign to recruit Foodbank volunteers, and mega-volunteer Rosemary has just raised £300 for Sport Relief.

Pat Hall gave a brilliant report on the Essex WI County meeting – she particularly enjoyed the speakers: Carol Bundock (TV presenter) and Michael Portillo.

We’ll be getting together again in April to celebrate our 85th birthday with a Wartime theme party. We will have guests from many other institutes, and the very next day we are off out to see the musical Blitz.

In May, we will be debating the issue of organ donation. If you have any experience or special knowledge in this area and would be willing to tell us about it, please do get in touch.

This year’s programme is on our website ( or in our village shop: why not come as a visitor, 7.30 until 10 on the second Wednesday of the month in Bulphan Village Hall – we’d love to see you.



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