Monday, May 27, 2024

Date set for Greenbelt Public Inquiry in Little Thurrock

THE public inquiry into a controversial application to place ten caravans on the greenbelt in Little Thurrock has been set for the 20th May.

The hearing comes seven months after the application for five static caravans, five touring caravans and an ablution block was unanimously rejected by Thurrock’s Planning Committee in October. Little Thurrock Conservative Councillor Rob Gledhill said: “Whilst it is good news that the hearing is to take place, Little Thurrock residents have had to wait too long for a conclusion to this issue.

“The hearing will be held nearly a year to the day that the occupiers moved their caravans on to the field without planning permission and nearly nine months after Chadwell Road and Malvern Road were brought to a halt as a large caravan was moved onto the site, again without planning permission.

“Since arriving on site trees have been felled and the road outside residents homes dug up causing nothing but disturbance and inconvenience for Malvern Road residents.”

Fellow councillor Tom Kelly said “The number of residents who objected to the application and turned up at the planning hearing show that the proposed development is not welcomed. Rob and I will continue to stand with our residents against any inappropriate development in Little Thurrock and especially on greenbelt.”

The Public Inquiry is set to last 4 days and is to be held at Thurrock Council offices


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