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Ockendon Academy downgraded by Ofsted

OCKENDON ACADEMY has been downgraded by Ofsted. For years, the school has proudly displayed their “Judged Outstanding by Ofsted” banner at the front of the Eriff Drive school. But following a recent thorough inspection, Ofsted have graded the school as Good.

However, the senior leadership team has retained its “Outstanding” grade.

But it appears that a decline in exam standards and a lack of rigour in the new sixth form have contributed to the “downgraded” report.

Many critics believed that schools such as Ockendon would find it impossible to retain their “Outstanding” status under the new reporting arrangement. Schools such as Passmores Academy in Harlow, made famous by the TV show “Educating Essex” had an almost identical report late last year.

The report made the following observations.

1. The Principal, Vice Principals and other leaders are uncompromising, and have been highly successful, in their drive to improve teaching and achievement.

2. Teaching is usually good, sometimes outstanding, and improving strongly because of the challenge and support provided by leaders.

3. Leaders and teachers have worked relentlessly and effectively to develop students’ literacy skills.

4. Students of all ages are enquiring, resilient and determined to make progress towards their targets in all subjects.

5. Achievement is good rather than outstanding because of a decline in standards in 2012. This has been very effectively reversed, but achievement has not returned to the previous outstanding level it was at in 2011.

6. The personal conduct shown by students is impeccable. They support each other and work effectively with their teachers. Students are safe and exceptionally well cared for.

7. The sixth form is good. Students study a wide range of A level courses that help to equip them for the workplace or university.

8. Governors are very effective in holding the academy to account for the quality of teaching and for students’ attainment and progress.

9. Not enough of the teaching is outstanding. Some teachers do not always check students have completed or understood a task before asking them to start the next.

10. Teachers do not set sufficiently demanding targets for some students in the sixth form.

The full report can be found here


  1. Oh dear…Babs won’t be pleased!

    “The Principal, Vice Principals and other leaders are uncompromising”!

    “Uncompromising”? Some people would define “uncompromising” as ‘bullying’! Some people would even say this phrase is much more apt!

    Why do the SLT at The Ockendon, just routinely disappear into the ether, never to be seen again?! And is there any truth in the rumor, that as another member vanishes into thin air, another rose bed appears in the school grounds?!

    Ofsted? It’s Columbo who should conduct the next inspection!


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