Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Russell Brand pays special visit to Hathaway Academy

HOLLYWOOD star Russell Brand dropped in on his old school last week as a special treat for all the students.

Russell went to the school a few years ago, when it was called Grays School.

He often name checks his school, which clearly evokes memories. Not necessarily good ones but nevertheless memories.

The star mingled with students and staff alike, and posed for a photo with the new head, James Howarth.



  1. I’ve gotta be honest…I know of better role models!

    Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll are overrated kids of Grays! Now knuckle down, study RE and Physics and aspire to become a Librarian, an Accountant or a factory packer!

    Actually, on second thoughts…!

  2. This could be a clever move by the Head to make use of Mr Brands links with the school and hopefully the students will benefit from his input. A note of caution. Experience shows that Mr Brand rarely keeps to the “agreed script” and anyone who has worked with him knows to expect the unexpected. Good luck.


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