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Doyle Price speaks to Newsnight over Maria Miller case

jackieagedTHURROCK MP, Jackie Doyle Price has told Newsnight what she would do if she was in the same position of (now former) Culture Secretary, Maria Miller’s position.

Speaking to the BBC programme and just a few hours before the Basingstoke MP resigned, Ms Doyle Price alongside other MPs with slim majorities was asked regarding the expenses scandal and the implications for those in marginal seats.

Ms Doyle Price (maj 92) told Newsnight “If I was in that position facing a difficult set of local elections; I wouldn’t be expecting my colleagues to defend me.”

Pressed on whether her own position would be improved if Ms Miller resigned, she repeated: “That’s a matter for her.”

When Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis said: “That’s a yes then”. Ms Doyle Price, with a wry smile on her face repeated the line of “That’s a matter for her.”

Maria Miller resigned on Wednesday morning.

In a Telegraph survey (conducted before she resigned) of the 40 most marginal seats that the Conservatives must hold if they are to have a chance of winning the next election, not a single MP was willing to speak in the minister’s support other than Mary Macleod, her parliamentary private secretary.


  1. JDP has form on this – didn’t she boycott a Minister’s visit last year due to expenses? Good to know our MP is in tune with public opinion.

  2. that expenses scrounger should be in jail for years.

    These people make the law but dont follow it themselves.

    If it had been anyone of us and claim £40 in tax allowances we would be in jail.

  3. So after deliberately stabbing fellow members of a group at Thurrock Council she is now done it at Westminster

    Well done Jackie no mates

    It shows this woman will do anything to retain her very slim majority how sad

  4. Descamisados
    5 hours
    JDP has form on this – didn’t she boycott a Minister’s visit last year due to expenses? Good to know our MP is in tune with public opinion.

    So she knew there was wrongdoing about the Minister and expenses what did she do about it apart from boycott
    Perhaps somebody should look into Jackie Doyle Prices expenses? £

    And your assumption about her being in tune with the public perception
    She is about as in tune as a knackered out piano

  5. Remind me of the quango where JDP worked before becoming an MP?

    And wasn’t that one of the first quangos scrapped and all the staff sacked after the Conservatives took control?

    Bet all her former work mates were thrilled.

  6. In all honesty why should JDP have to defend Maria Miller?

    If I were a Tory MP I would probably have said nothing but if I were asked for my opinion I would be inclined to give it in exactly the same way JDP has. I don’t see how she could have given a different response without being attacked for it. If she had said that Miller is a sponger, folk would have said that she is not supporting her colleague. If she said that Miller should be kept on in government, people would have said that JDP is a career politician, the rich Tories all looking after each other etc….

    Quite frankly I like Jackies unorthodox approach. I like the fact that she criticised all members of the planning committee (personally I think they should all be sacked and fresh faces chosen other than Cllr Speight) and I like the fact that unlike Cameron, she didn’t try to defend that Westminster theif.

  7. I find it very amusing that the woman now faces a 280 grand capital gains tax bill. Very homer Simpson.

  8. Bernard87
    What she should have done Bernard87 is tell the truth that’s what’s she’s paid for but it doesn’t seem MPs are capable of that, and my interpretation of her answer, she was selling a colleague out in vain attempt to try and save her career which is already over

  9. Changes to the Register of Members’ Interests
    Jackie Doyle-Price
    List all MPs and Register editions
    This page shows how Jackie Doyle-Price’s entry in the Register of Members’ Interests has changed over time, starting at the most recent and working back to the earliest we have managed to parse. Please be aware that changes in typography/styling at the source might mean something is marked as changed (ie. removed and added) when it hasn’t; sorry about that, but we do our best with the source material.
    6 September 2010 (first entry we have)

    4. Sponsorships

    (a) Donations to the constituency party or association, which have been or will be reported by the party to the Electoral Commission:
    (a) Name of donor: Lord Harris of Peckham
    (a) Address of donor: private
    (a) Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: cash donation of £2,274.20
    (a) Donor status: individual
    (a) (Registered 2 June 2010)
    (a) Name of donor: Carlton Club
    (a) Address of donor: 69 St James Street, London SW1 1PJ.
    (a) Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £2,000
    (a) Donor status: company
    (a) (Registered 2 June 2010)
    (a) Name of donor: Industrial Chemicals Ltd
    (a) Address of donor: Titan Works, Hogg Lane, Grays, Essex RM17 5DU.
    (a) Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: use of a Porta cabin to value of £2,000 per annum.
    (a) Donor status: company
    (a) (Registered 2 June 2010)
    I would like to make some comments about Jackie Doyle Price regarding the information above, one of the donor’s industrial chemicals Ltd,and the Portakabin in question was used by her in her electoral campaign with the words vote for Jackie at Titan Works. The company concerned industrial chemicals Ltd who also operates another business in West Thurrock which is primarily a Tier 1: COMAH site this means it is designated very high level hazardous sites. Whilst the Tories were in administration at Thurrock Council this company decided to start operating an illegal lorry parking facility within the boundaries of its chemical business despite the Thames Gateway encouraging this company to submit a planning application on a regular basis for lorry parking, it decided to carry on illegally.

    Some people from the West Thurrock area decided to begin a petition to stop this company’s illegal activity in regard to lorry parking even though this should have been done by Thurrock Council’s enforcement department, as a result approximately 2000 signatures were collected and councillor Oliver Gerrish submitted the petition at Thurrock Council this resulted in an enforcement and eventually a government inspection imposed certain conditions in conjunction with the enforcement there was also three additional businesses operating at the site and these activities were ordered to cease. The residents who obtained the signatures for the petition called themselves the PALs group standing for parents against Lorries. The PALs group as made enquiries with Thurrock’s enforcement department to ascertain that the conditions laid down by the government Inspector were complied with and the answer they receive back was the company was gathering estimates and the enforcement department was monitoring the situation
    At last night’s planning committee the same company industrial chemicals Ltd applied for permission for a storage unit at their West Thurrock site and the offices recommendation was to approve, the offices failed to mention whether or not this company had complied to the government inspection’s conditions
    Although 2000 residents of West Thurrock sign the petition the largest Thurrock has received against this company to stop its illegal lorry parking facility it is now been included in the focused core strategy a very strange situation when you consider that the company is in the portfolio holder for planning’s ward, councillor Smith
    The other site Industrial Chemicals Ltd Titan Works, Hogg Lane where the donation of the Portakabin was made was also used by Thurrock’s Tory association, in all planning matters concerning this company no Tory in Thurrock as ever made a personal or prejudicial declaration in regard to this company one of the councillors in particular councillor Joyce Redsell has admitted she has been friends of the owners for 30 years.
    In the LDF document produced by Thurrock it has been decided that when the company moves its operation from Hogg Lane to West Thurrock 1100 houses will be built at Titan chemical pit incidentally recently there was a spillage of 66 tons of acid at the site and considering the length of time it has been used as a chemical processing business one can only might assume it must be heavily contaminated who in their right mind would consider this site for housing?
    Interested observers may conclude that some MPs are working to alternative unstated agendas.’

    Jackie Doyle Price believes she is in tune with the local community and believes in localism did she come to the aid of the 2000 residents in West Thurrock? she then decides to ridicule Thurrock’s planning committee for lack of integrity Ms Price in my belief has no understanding of the concept of integrity


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