Sunday, May 19, 2024

Development Corp duo agree to pay back £66,000

THURROCK Council has come to an agreement with two former Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation (DC) employees about the return of outstanding money.

Niall Lindsay – the former chief executive – and Sean O’Donnell, the director of finance, have agreed terms with the council to repay the full £66,000, money which had been paid them in lieu of notice and other incidental expenses and including costs of around £6,000.

The council worked closely with the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) once the error was uncovered and Thurrock’s legal team took the lead as the corporation’s responsibilities, assets and liabilities had been taken over by the council.

Graham Farrant, Thurrock Council’s chief executive, said: “It is important this money will be returned to the public purse and I would like to thank our legal team for the work they have done to achieve this.

“The parties have agreed a settlement to see the full repayment of all monies overpaid so Thurrock Council is now in the process of withdrawing its claim.

“The money will be repaid to the council so it can be used to support economic growth in Thurrock.”

The payments are broken down as follows: payment in lieu of notice repaid will total – £56,000; IT costs – £4,000; legal costs – £6,000.

Niall Lindsay has agreed to repay £37,000 and Sean O’Donnell £29,000.


  1. If I claimed £40 from the jobcentre I would not get the chance to pay it back. I would go to Jail.

    But then there is one law for the rich and another for the poor.

  2. ‘shelley’ – and so was Cllr Terry Hipsey, Cllr John Kent, Cllr Andy Smith and Cllr Garry Hague on “the payroll for TGDC” so shouldn’t you also be asking that they pay money back as well? Or do you just want to single out Cllr Phil Anderson?

  3. This is good news as now this score has been settled senior management will be able to spend a bit more time focusssing on things like housing repairs, education and emptying the bins – the things that actually matter to local people.


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