Wednesday, November 29, 2023

MP Metcalfe delighted at British Airways investment

SOUTH Basildon and East Thurrock MP, Stephen Metcalfe has welcomed yet more investment in Thurrock following news that the Solena Fuels in partnership with British Airways has committed to building the world’s first facility to convert landfill waste into jet fuel in Thurrock.

Mr Metcalfe said: “I am delighted that this groundbreaking initiative is coming to Thurrock. It is fantastic news for the local economy, creating jobs and ensuring that this site is put to good use. Basildon and Thurrock are proving once again that they are the places to invest and I look forward to seeing my constituents reap the rewards of this excellent project.”

“Needless to say this is also fantastic news for the national economy, for the environment, and for the aviation industry. I am grateful to British Airways and Solena Fuels for their commitment to this initiative and I hope to be able to visit the plant when it is up and running.”


  1. Yes this sounds like great news.
    But will Thurrock end up paying for it with increased levels of air pollution?

  2. jme118 – as I have posted on another story there will be 575,000 tonnes of rubbish transported to this site to be converted into 120,000 tonnes of fuel.

    This could mean 35,000 lorry movements up and down the Manorway with waste lorries driving to and from the site and tankers driving to and from the site with the fuel. This is assuming the waste will be driven to the site unless barges will share the superport site delivering waste?

    What will happen to the waste by products?

    A good headline regarding 1000 jobs – although 850 of these are in the construction of the plant and only 150 permanent jobs at the site – yet nothing about the traffic impact or what will be done with the waste.


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