Call Security! Anti-racism group in “meltdown” as civil war breaks out.

YT understands that anti-racism group Thurrock Racial Unity Support Taskgroup (TRUST) is holding crisis talks with Thurrock Council after internal strife has beset the group.

Council bosses are set to sit down (possibly today) to try and sort out the latest problem in what has been a sorry saga over the last decade.

The organisation has always had what could be fairly described as a chequered history.

Many may recall an article on YT which highlighted that much of the £250k income went on salaries as well as a mystery £10K phone bill.

Based on the second floor of the Thameside Theatre, the organisation seemed to be good at attracting funding from a variety of sources but if its remit was to resolve the issue of community cohesion in Thurrock (rated by the government as the worst in the country, then it seemed to be part of the problem and not part of the solution.

The departure of manager Ruth Juett seemed to be the watershed. The new chief executive was Michael Bullion but he came and went fairly quickly. Despite a “rebranding” the same old problems seemed to exist.

Loyal members such as former mayor, cllr Yash Gupta were behind the idea that a merger between an organisation called Aspire headed by Thurrock Council’s head of diversity, Samson Dealyn and Trust could be the way forward but the plans seemed to have foundered.

Sources close to YT have told us that the whole sorry saga led to ugly scenes outside the Trust offices at the Thameside Complex where a heated exchange is said to have taken place.

Cllr Yash Gupta remains hopeful. He told YT “TRUST has gone through a bad patch but recently The Board has now elected a new executive and they are now working with the staff and the voluntary sector to put TRUST back on its feet”.

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