East Tilbury ladies clean up town!

THEY ARE a very community minded lot down in East Tilbury. To re-inforce the point, Vicki Reed Webb and her team of ladies who don’t litter went down to Gobions Field to clear up what litter had been left and also to speed up the disposal of refuse put in bags by recent visitors.

The ladies included: Vicki Reed Webb, Sharon Hiley, Siobhan Lennon, Beth Mundy, Sandra Nicholls and Terry Gilling

Sharon said: “We donned our gloves and Vicki managed to grab some council litter bags off the bloke who cleans the roads and we started clearing up.

“There was already a lot that the travellers had kindly bagged up for us but we were led to believe that the council would only collect (whenever that would be) if it was actually on the path and not the green, because of it being private land.

“So with more help from Paul Wakeling (who had just come off a night shift) and Michael Lennon and a chap from the Essex Wildlife Trust, they bought their vehicles down and we loaded it and they very kindly took it to the tip.

“We got soaked and some of the rubbish was rank! Not too much human waste thankfully just mainly household rubbish.

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