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Mr Perrin’s Blog: “Both Labour and Tories caught napping by UKIP in Thurrock”

Mr Perrin’s blog
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Caught napping by UKIP

Before proceeding to the count of votes I went to see a “farce” at the Thames Theatre I remember thinking was I about to witness two “farces” in the space of one night. As I entered the Badminton Centre at William Edwards School, the venue for the count, I discerned an air of great expectancy for the” drama” about to unfold. In the event it turned out to be a “tragedy” for the Conservative and Labour Parties with UKIP in the role of “Brutus” wielding the knife.

The first result to be declared was South Chafford which the Conservatives held with a majority of 213 over the Labour Party candidate. However, it was the 19 vote difference between the votes cast for Labour[347] and those for UKIP[328] which must have set alarm bell ringing for the Labour Party. When the second declaration followed a few minutes later, I suspect, the alarm bell decibel rating increased with the pressing of the “panic button”.

The second result to be declared was for the Belhus Ward, a Labour Party stronghold for as long as I can recall and I am 81 years old, where UKIP [1169] savaged Labour[763] with a massive majority of 406. Thus the scene was set for what followed.

Sixteen wards were being contested and UKIP captured 5 of them with Labour and Conservatives holding the remaining 11 between them. That is quite an achievement on only their second foray into the Local election arena. UKIP now have 6 members, making them the largest opposition to Labour and the Conservatives, how they woo UKIP in their efforts to gain control of the Council will be of great interest in the first few weeks of the new Civic year.

There were some losers I personally will miss. I make special mention of Phil Anderson, Lynn Carr and Angie Gaywood and I hope they will consider standing again.

For the UKIP Councillors in Thurrock the time has come when they now have to prove themselves in office it is no longer sufficient for them to “talk-the talk” they now have to “walk-the-walk”. I wish them well but I will be observing them closely.

For the Conservative and Labour Councillors you chose to campaign mainly on national issues and suffered as a consequence. You need to heed the message given that most people, not only in Thurrock, but throughout the UK are more in tune with UKIP than they are with you on issues such as immigration and membership of the EU. Listen and learn!

To the Labour Party in particular, and I am a member, I say stop branding anybody who suggests that something needs to be done to reduce the number of people coming into this country seeking employment are racist



  1. So ukip members in Thurrock are not racially motivated
    According to UKIP membership rules anybody who has had passed alliances with far right groups are not entitled to join


    Ray was elected in 2012 to represent the Aveley and Uplands ward on the Essex council and has kept his head below water, that is until now.
    The UKIP councillor’s face seemed familiar to us, as did the name and it didn’t take too long to discover why.
    The far right National Front used to have an organiser in the London borough of Newham who was also called Robert Ray and on digging through our files we managed to find an election leaflet from the 70’s for the NF’s Robert Ray with a photograph that looks very similar to the UKIP councillor, albeit from several decades ago.
    Could it be a massive coincidence? We didn’t think so and to avoid any confusion we rang Councillor Ray and had a little chat.
    He confirmed that he was in the National Front and that he was the Newham organiser for the far right party. He also confirmed that he stood in elections on at least one occasion for the NF.
    Ray, who joined UKIP in 2011 claimed he was an NF member for about two years, only leaving after becoming disillusioned with the NF leadership under John Tyndall.
    We read him the contents of his election leaflet and he told us that he still stood by everything that was written, claiming that immigrants still established ghetto areas in this country.
    When we asked him if he had declared his NF past to UKIP he claimed that he had but he wouldn’t expand any further than that.
    Robert Ray told us his fellow Thurrock councillors didn’t know about his far right past and believed that they wouldn’t be interested in what was now history.

  2. Very good article Mr Perrin, what UKIP have done is to give both Tory & Labour something to think about, no longer will the public sit back and let them get away with the constant lies.

    UKIP are still a fledgling party but are making a march against the establishment, in 20 years they have now become the 4th biggest political party, they are almost overtaking the LibDems, this is something that The Greens, BNP & NF could only dream of, the complete media bias against UKIP has been a joke and the undemocratic way the far left have tried to infiltrate meetings is an embarrassment to democracy.

    UKIP will continue to rise as a party whilst the LibLabCon sit back and continue to ignore the people.

  3. Perrin why on earth are you a member of a party you so obviously resent? What can local counsellors do against mass immigration? Their job is to help local people with local issues!
    You seem to me to be a sad twisted old man. Perhaps you should just go and join the other twisted racists of ukip!

  4. superman
    6 days ago

    Friday 16th May 2014

    UKIP leader Nigel Farage has told LBC his party does not want to be linked with the far right.

    “We have said we will not sit with parties like Front Nationale -we are not a party that wants a billing to the far right.”

    He added: “If you look at the associations everyone has to form in European Parliament – a degree of compromise is needed.”

    Mr Farage also said that any Ukip members with racist, extreme views are expelled from the party.

    “Wherever we have found people who have extreme, racist, unpleasant views – we have unceremoniously got rid of them” he told James live in the studio.

    “I have tried to protect the party by making clear that anybody that had previously been a BNP member – cannot join.
    And to hold up the views of a handful of people as representative of Ukip -isn’t true.”
    So why is Robert Ray still a member

  5. A very good article Mr Perrin, as is expected from one who takes the time to look at all the facts before making an unbiased opinion.
    Superman you quite rightly are concerned with Robert Rays former history. I for one had to live through the years of the 60s and 70s which saw my life in danger many times through thuggish skin heads behaviour irrelevant that I was a very young half cast female. Could I propose that its possible that as time goes on peoples views change, could we give Mr Ray the benefit of the doubt that his past views are now an embarrassment to him!! From one who has experienced things that no child should have experienced and witnessed I am willing to give him the chance, only time will tell.
    Yardbird your personal attack re Mr Perrin is in my view disgraceful, I am not sure why you would think YT is the place to air such bitter views, but can only guess its sadly a very disgruntled Labour member that feels his views have been trampled on by Mr Perrin over the years. I would like to see your comments removed but knowing Mr Perrin I am sure he will not take your name calling personally.

  6. Snakebiteuk

    Mr Ray was given the benefit of doubt, he’s reply was quite straightforward he’s views regarding that period with the NF party had not changed

    He is most definitely NF rotten to the core

    We read him the contents of his election leaflet and he told us that he still stood by everything that was written, claiming that immigrants still established ghetto areas in this country

  7. Please don’t stop the racist rants. UKIP’S vote will go down if Labour supporters start to look normal.

  8. Ed
    8 hours
    Cllr Ray is the new lorry park when it comes to repetitive comments on YourThurrock.
    And you was the political officer at that time you are just as guilty, instead of barking why don’t you bite, I will tell you why you are gutless, make me wrong

  9. You keep barking while do you do something about it instead of threatening do something a about it you was a bad political officer and you know what the Tories done why don’t you grass is it because it would implicate you


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