Cllr Tunde says thank you to voters of South Chafford

Dear Editor

I want to thank the residents of South Chafford for electing me to serve them for four more years.

I am proud to have represented South Chafford since its creation in 2004, and I am pleased that some of the results of the plans have started showing:

We have new schools in response to our Chafford schools for Chafford residents campaign

We have taken the schools from the local authority to join Harris Federation, to improve the attainment of the students

We have introduced a new youth park at Rainbow road despite developers desire for houses

We have got rid of the travellers that moved into Chafford in May 2014

The work is not done however, the is the new GP surgery, street issues, anti-social behaviour and crime, and dog fouling issues to be dealt with among others.

I will be there for residents and ably represent you to ensure that you can go about your daily life uninterrupted by these issues.

Happy for you to hold me to task.

Cllr Tunde Ojetola

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