Well fancy that! Harris Primary Academy gets a Good Ofsted

HARRIS Primary Academy in Chafford Hundred has received a “Good” rating from Ofsted.

Last year, the school had been told by the government watchdog that it “Required improvement” This led to whole scale changes at the school with the governing body replaced and a new high-flying head installed.

The school has, over the last few years become something of a political football with Conservatives led by Thurrock MP,Jackie Doyle-Price expounding the virtues of a Harris Federation school, largely free from local authority control.

Some say that the insistence on using the school as a political backdrop went one step too far when, at the time of the inspection by Ofsted, the owner of the school, Lord Harris of Peckham, Jackie Doyle-Price and education secretary, Liz Truss visited the school.

Among the positive points made by Ofsted were:

1. Standards at the end of Year 6 in reading and writing are above average. They are average and improving rapidly in mathematics.

2. Pupils make increasingly good progress.

3. As a result of good teaching, children in the Early Years Foundation Stage make good progress, particularly in writing.

4. Pupils enjoy school, are enthusiastic about learning and feel very safe.

5. Behaviour and attitudes to learning are good.

6. The quality of pupils’ written work has improved significantly in the last term.

7. Pupils who speak English as an additional language make good progress in extending their understanding of English.

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